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Walton Chiropractic is using many resources such as advancing our technology, updating our methods, and using good caring philosophy to increase the wellbeing and health of our patients. Below is a list of signs you should look for and correct to live your life to the fullest.

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Ricardo P.

Amazing Dr. I started going with him over a year ago and then eventually had my wife visit him. Great service & honest. I would recommend him to anyone!


Dr. Walton is the best! I felt so much better after his treatment and look forward to more visits. He gave me a thorough exam and asked good questions and is very personable. His team is wonderful as well, very friendly and professional! I highly recommend Dr. Walton


One of the best chiropractor around. Dr Walton really spend time understanding my problems. The laser treatment is awesome too.


Dr Walton has a distinctive technique using deep tissue massage in the area prior to doing an adjustment. I'm a big guy and his strength is a big plus to doing work on my problem areas.


Highly recommended. By far the nicest office staff. Andrea & Cayla are friendly, accommodating, supportive and very professional. I have been a patient of Bay Area Disc Centers for a while now, and when Dr. David left I considered looking else where. I am so glad I stayed and gave Dr. Damon Walton a chance, his treatments have been life changing. Dr. Walton is a true professional, friendly disposition and very accommodating of my crazy work schedule, I look forward to every visit.

Katie L.

Highly recommended. EXCELLENT chiropractic care! I have been going to BADC for 3 years. I can't begin to say enough wonderful things about this practice. I started seeing Dr. Adams and switched to Dr. Walton after he retired. He is extremely friendly, listens and is great at a gentle adjustment. I was also adjusted during my entire pregnancy and after a car accident. I have been impressed with Dr. W's knowledge and initiative to research and attend seminars to advance his abilities in chiropractic. He keeps me pain free! The ladies at the front Andrea & Kayla are super friendly and caring. They are flexible and accommodating. Best chiropractor I have ever been to hands down!!!

Janelle S.

Dr. Walton was a breath of fresh air. He listened to me and really focused on the area of discomfort. He made sure that I was comfortable and he made sure that he was making the problem better instead of worse. I have had bad experiences with chiropractors in the past, but I'm happy to say that I will be coming back. I walked out of his office feeling so much better. Thank you again Dr. Walton!

Jasper M.

Excellent doctor's office.

Dr. Walton does a great job of learning about my health background, diagnosing existing and new issues, and treating and resolving the problems. His chiropractic techniques work extremely well, and his suggestions for home exercises and stretches have helped me tremendously.

The office staff are extremely helpful and courteous, and I've been able to book appointments easily, even with short notice.

Every office visit is efficient, and I always get adequate time with the doctor to discuss my health and progress.

Allison R.

I had been seeing Dr. Adams for over 14 years when he retired. Dr. Walton picked up on my treatments and it has been seamless. I suffer from chronic frozen shoulder and Dr. Walton suggested cold laser. It has had amazing results breaking up the adhesions and improved my range of motion significantly. I highly recommend his services.

Marc J.

Dr Damon is a very skilled and knowledgable chiropractor, I have worked with him for over 3 years and have seen a HUGE improvement in flexibility, pain reduction and better sleep patterns due to lack of back and leg pain. I recommend anyone in the sports field and regular working/non working life to check him out! I guarantee you will see results faster than you think!! He is very personable, easy to talk to and skilled in the art of PAIN REDUCTION!

Lori H.

Dr. Walton knows his stuff! He listens, and gets to the root cause of the pain and discomfort. I'm several visits in and starting to feel better than I have in years. Now, if I actually DO all the recommended exercises, I'll probably feel amazing:) I'd highly recommend Dr. Walton

Stefan S.

I just played a full game of soccer and am able to write this review without the severe back pain I have been experiencing, on and off, for just about 10 years. Damon, literally, had a hand in that.

I was referred to Damon by a family member who felt that instead of sporadic massages and treatments here and there, I was in need of someone who would invest the time and effort to actually solve my back pain once and for all.

From the initial consultation on it was clear that Damon's approach was aligned with my family member's expectation. Thinking I was going in for a quick adjustment, I had planned for 20 minutes but instead spent over an hour talking about my lifestyle, my various ailments, had x-rays done and received a full drill down on the source(s) of my pain. Utilizing various charts, the x-rays themselves and my own back, Damon was able to explain my current situation.

During the hands-on session, Damon's instructions are very clear and if, by chance, you scream like a little girl, he will be able to guide you through it with some breathing exercises.

To top it off, the front office staff was very lovely. The whole place is modern, very clean and they offer complimentary coffee, tea and water.

If you are looking for someone with a wholesome approach to actually get to the source of your ailments, Damon is your man. I specially recommend him for athletes or want-to-again-be-athletic. He is very passionate about sports and specializes in the ailments that come along with it.

Cindy M.

I went to Dr. Walton the first time on a coupon, and have been seeing him for months now. I tend to be picky about chiropractors, because I am a former massage therapist and have worked in a chiropractic office previously. I have chronic back problems, and have for 2 decades. I see him once every week or two, and feel great afterwards. He massages my back with a massager, which helps to hold the adjustment. The staff is wonderful, and the other doctors very friendly. He does not rush you at all, and will take the time to take care of your back. I am glad to have found such a healer. As an aside: I drive thirty minutes to get there, and find it worthwhile, obviously.

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